Free Early Education (FEE):

The following information details how your child can access their FEE hours at Badgers Bridge

Free Early Education & Additional Fees

All children become eligible for Free Early Education the term after they become 3. Some 2 year olds may also be eligible for funding. Other fees will still apply. It is the parents responsibility to claim for the 30 hours funding. Parents/carers are asked to check with the manager to find out if their child qualifies or access the following link to apply online:

For 2 Year Olds
For 3 & 4 Year Olds

A child is eligible for FEE at the start of the term after their second (if eligible), or third birthday in line with the Department for Education table below:

A Child Born On Or Between Will Be Eligible For A Free Place From
1st April and 31st August Start of term 1, in September, following their 2nd/3rd birthday
1st September and 31st December Start of term 3, in January, following their 2nd/3rd birthday
1st January and 31st March Start of term 5, in April, following their 2nd/3rd birthday

We require a notice period of 4 weeks for reduction of hours or/and leaving the setting. If 4 weeks can not be given we will require 4 weeks fees to cover staffing costs.

Debtors receive a reminder email of outstanding fees 2 weeks after payment is overdue. A subsequent email is sent after a further week, and will be followed by a letter or telephone call. If payment is not made within four weeks childcare will be suspended until payment is received in full or only be provided for free entitlement hours, if these apply (in case of 3 and 4 year olds).

All children attending our Forest School and Outing Days will be charged an extra £9.60 a day. This breaks down to £1.60 an hour. This is to cover the extra staff for a higher ratio that is needed in an outdoor environment and to pay for a Forest School Leader. All children, including those children who access their Free Early Education Entitlement are charged a voluntary Consumables & Sundry Charge of £10 per month. This is to cover the cost of additional consumables such as PPE, overheads, activities such as special events such as Sports Day, Nativity Plays, Outings, snacks and drinks.

Each child will be funded to a maximum of 15 hours per week over a minimum of 2 days. No session is to be longer than 10 hours per day or shorter than 2.5 hours per day for 38 weeks per year.

We also offer limited 30 hours funding.You will need to apply for your own unique code from Gov.UK. Please speak to a manager about this if you are wanting to apply with us.

At Badgers Bridge the FEE hours are offered flexibly adhering to the above guidelines. We will contact your prior to the start of the term to confirm how many FEE hours you wish to utilise and ask you to confirm by signing a parental declaration form. The claim process is undertaken by the pre-school and the FEE sessions provided will be clearly shown on your invoice.

Children attending extra days/sessions in addition to their FEE will be charged at our current rates. You will be invoiced in the usual way showing how many FEE hours your child is receiving in that period and what the additional charges are. Any additional services provided will be charged for and will not be covered by FEE e.g. overheads, PPE, outings.

Please note that the FEE can be split between 2 providers up to a total of 15 hours.

For advice on any other funding please see the link below.

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