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About Badgers Bridge Pre-School

We provide a warm and stimulating environment where both play and learning are part of each child’s everyday experience and enjoyment. A wide selection of indoor and outdoor facilities and activities are provided throughout the day enabling children to learn and develop skills in a creative and calm atmosphere. Careful individual planning and consideration of sessions ensures that the children are able to develop their skills in the proper context and at a level fitting their skills and development.

Each child is allocated a Key person who is paramount in ensuring an easy transition into Badgers Bridge. The key person will support the child’s well being, educational and development needs throughout their time with us. The key Person will undertake regular observations and monitor each child’s progress, allowing them to tailor activities to suit their needs.

A child’s key Person is available for you to talk to at any time as we recognise parents as the first and most important educators of children. Staff members regard themselves as co workers with parents in providing care and education for their children. Children’s profiles are available on our Baby’s Days online system. We send out a daily diary to each parent on the days that your child is in attendance for you to look at when you log on.

We follow the Early Years Foundation stage curriculum and also follow a Montessori approach to learning and development.

In the year prior to starting Primary School we offer the children the opportunity to attend our Rising Fours session once a week. These sessions enable a small group of children to have exclusive time and attention of one practitioner. Such focus prepares them for the challenges and changes they will encounter as they move on to Primary school. And makes this transition as seamless as possible.

SEND Local Offer Local Offer for Children with Special Educational Needs and/ or Disabilities (SEND)
How does Badgers Bridge know if a child needs extra support?

We have an embedded system to ensure that a key person is allocated to every child. This key person completes regularly observations that are then used to inform the child’s planning around their individual needs and interests. These include interests from home and interests at our setting. The key person completes assessments on every child to identify any support that may be required.

These assessments are shared with the parents who are encouraged to add their comments. We then implement a joint approach.

When a child initially starts with us the key person familiarises themselves with the child’s individual needs, interests and abilities. This is the initial opportunity for the parents to identify any needs with the key person so that these can be catered for. The parents and the key person complete an initial starting point of development form on this settling in session to identify any concerns.

How will the staff support the child?

We have a nursery SENCO (Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator) that has been trained through the local authority and Badgers Bridge to support the key person, child and families to ensure that the child’s individual needs are met.
We have robust policies and procedures in place which are reviewed regularly ensuring that our resources and environments are suitable and accessible for all.
The SENCO will work closely with the key person to differentiate resources, experiences and activities to support the child. The SENCO will work with the key person to provide personal plans for each individual child based around their abilities and interests.

The SENCO will liaise with other professionals (with the parents consent) such as Early Years Inclusion Officers, Speech and Language Therapists and Health Visitors to gain further advise in supporting each individual child. The SENCO and the key person will work collaboratively to ensure that these targets and strategies are implemented.

The plans and activities will be reviewed by the key person, SENCO and the parents regularly to update plans and provide support for all children. How are parents / carers included in the child’s education and curriculum?

Parent’s communication is valued and the key person will work together with the parents to ensure that every child’s learning is supported. The parent/ carers will work with the key person to settle the child into the nursery. Throughout this time the key person will complete the information sheet to understand the child’s individual routines, needs, interests and abilities.
The parents/carers are encouraged to work together with the key person completing observations and activities for home to keep them informed of new interests so that this can be incorporated in the activities that are planned for that child. The parents/carers will be invited to attend regular meetings to review the child’s progress. Every child has their own learning journal that the parents can view at any time on Babys Days. The parents are encouraged to add their views and comments. For further information please contact the nursery manager.

We work with the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

  • I spent a long time looking for the right nursery for my child when we moved to the area. Badgers Bridge have been incredibly sensitive and understanding of all of our concerns and desires surrounding our child's transition into nursery. They have a genuine child centred approach and are acutely aware of each child's individual needs. The staff manage to create an environment that has the support & structure the children need to play freely and creatively. It is certainly one of the most fun and joyful places I have been too! Finally I find them progressive, open minded and love their enthusiasm & encouragement of forest school and out door play.
  • “Harry has just started his second year at Badgers Bridge Nursery and he loves it, especially Forest School mid week, where he gets to play with mud, climb trees and go bug hunting in the great outdoors.
    He is responding to his time here positively and learning how to play, share and take turns.
    I find the staff friendly and approachable, hands on and very professional and would recommend Badgers Bridge to anyone.”
    Sacha Taylor
  • Badgers Bridge gave my child the best start in their early years education. They really know my child well and have made sure that all of my child's learning needs were really thought out and taken into consideration.
    Sally Harper
  • The staff at Badgers Bridge are so friendly. They always have time to speak to me, keep me informed on my child's progress and let me know how my child has been each day. I love the daily email that is sent to us, it really helps me to see what my child has been doing each day. Baby's Days is also brilliant as I login and can see observations made by my child's Key Person as well as photographs and pictures. I really would recommend Badgers.
  • What I love about Badgers Bridge is their love of the outdoor classroom. The children are always outdoors either in their wonderful garden, the village and it surrounding areas or the forest school. Excellent!
    Tessa Simms

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